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Oxygen molecule


Sootaway is a combustion catalyst, developed to ultimately achieve complete combustion, for solid fuel. Employing a proprietary active Manganese-Complex formula, the catalyst works on all types of solid fuels, such as Coal, Biomass and Waste, acting as an oxygen scavenger, attracting all available oxygen, at an atomic level, to the surface of the fuel, improving combustion and reducing oxygen levels in the boiler. At the same time, the ignition temperature is reduced.



  • Sootaway Increases rate of heat release

  • Sootaway Lowers ignition temperature

  • Sootaway Reduces emission of CO, SO2 and NOx

  • Sootaway Reduces incomplete combustion particles like soot

  • Sootaway Enables total combustion at lower temperatures

  • Sootaway Reduces sediments

  • Sootaway Reduces consumption of fuel by 15-20% consequently reducing emission of CO2.

  • Sootaway Reduces costs of energy production and maintenance of equipment.


See the graph to the right of a lab test, performed at Wroclaw University of Technology, on powdered coal. The red line represents coal treated with Sootaway Combustion Catalyst. The black line,  untreated coal. The treated coal released 40% more heat, than the untreated coal.

Wegiel = Coal
Cieplo = Heat

Sootaway Heat Release Graph


The pictures to the right are a top view of a boiler before and after Sootaway was introduced. Notice, the center temperature has remained at 1100C, but, the temperature toward the sides of the boiler have increased by 200C, while burning fuel treated with Sootaway.



These pictures are of the same boiler inspection port. The picture on the left is the boiler while using fuel not enriched with Sootaway. Notice the picture on the right. There is much more combustion occurring, with the addition of Sootaway.

                     Without Sootaway                          With Sootaway


                         Without Sootaway                           With Sootaway




The graphs to the right represent first, the reference boiler, and the boiler burning fuel treated with Sootaway after 3 weeks of treatment.

  • Red is NOx   ( Nitrix oxide )
  • Green is SO2  ( Sulfur dioxide )
  • Blue is CO  ( Carbon monoxide )

Short stop in use of Sootaway the last day

In the pictures to the right, a modern coal burning plant, built in 2009. Left picture is reference boiler, and the right picture is boiler with Sootaway used for 3 weeks.

The last column is the latest 24 hours

  • 58% reduction of Nitric Oxide to 15,3 mg/Nm3
  • 67% reduction of Sulfur Dioxide to 2,8 mg/Nm3
  • 84% reduction of Carbon Monoxide to 0,5 mg/Nm3

Without Sootaway                     With Sootaway


Without Sootaway                      With Sootaway



Full scale operation at old Power Plant ( 1960 ) in Jelcz, Poland. Normally burning 100 ton of coal every day.  Running on 50% when there ( 1 boiler ) A low pressure pump was installed, with a nozzle set over the conveyor belt ( < $1.000 ) The measurement was the calorific content of the ash.

Calorific content in ash reduced by 62% ( equal 41% increase of fuel efficiency )

Measurement was done by Wroclaw University of Technology


Power Plant in Nowa Sol, Poland. The procedure was the same as Jelcz, with a low pressure pump installed and a nozzle set over the conveyor belt. The measurement was constant delivery of power out of the Power Plant.

Consumption of coal reduced by 35% (both increased fuel efficiency and reduced sediments)

Measurement is done by customer

Modern Power Plant in Opole, Poland. The procedure was the same as Jelcz, with a low pressure pump installed and the nozzle set over the conveyor belt. Measurement was usage of the calorific value in coal.

Usage of the calorific value in coal before treatment was 65% ( which is actually a good result )

Usage of the calorific value in coal after treatment was 85%

Fuel efficiency has increased by 31%


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