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What Is ADK GreenTech?

ADK GreenTech was formed to deliver high-performance products and services for US manufacturing,  enabling maintenance and operations to produce more, safely, effectively, and in a way that is environmentally friendly.

After years of working with the industrial market, in positions of laborer, mechanic, salesman and consultant, it was clear that there was a gap between "Green" and effective. Today's manufacturing companies, many driven by their own initiatives, and many driven by regulations, have made tremendous leaps in reducing their carbon footprint. Combine that, with a smaller manufacturing workforce, with fewer doing much more, and the need to continue a downward trend in their carbon footprint, the need for effective tools is greater than ever, to become and remain competitive.

Take a look at our product and service offering. Everything we offer is either intrinsically "Green" by design, or has attributes that assist US manufacturing companies to attain their business and environmental goals, without sacrificing performance.

Join Us IN the Mission...

Take look at the product and service offering.  There is something here, for every manufacturer...