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Using innovative technology, SCR Solutions has developed systems especially designed for the production of Automotive AdBlue® and industrial urea solutions for SCR and SNCR utilities.

Our focus is to help companies benefit in the AdBlue® market by giving them the opportunity to have AdBlue® at the lowest possible pricing. With our inline AdBlue® production units, we guarantee easy and smooth production of AdBlue® at low prices.

We are specialized in production and filling equipment for AdBlue® and other high purity urea solutions. We are the leading and by far the most experienced producer for this equipment, based on many years of experience, going back to 2003.

SCR Solutions is focused on making SCR technology more efficient, by creating savings in operating SCR technology. This refers to industrial SCR installations as well as industrial SNCR installations, automotive SCR markets and in the Marine: vessels operating SCR technology.

SCR Solutions delivers technology, knowledge and raw materials to produce the reactive agent for SCR and SNCR and to reduce costs in operating SCR and SNCR.

SCR Solutions operates globally and has knowledge based on experience developed since 15 years.

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Reducing operational costs for SCR, using unique technology

Operators of industrial SCR installations using urea solutions can benefit from a unique technology, which is a result of years of development, giving, by far, the best solution for localized supply. The technology is unique giving important advantages:

  • Well priced
  • Low labor costs in operation
  • Low depreciation costs
  • Very compact footprint
  • Almost fully automated
  • Secured operation quality wise
  • Can easily be re-allocated
  • Can work with lower water temperature

The systems are small scale, yet have high capacity.

Costs for operating industrial SCR can be reduced up to 50%.

Our urea blending machine is an innovative way of producing urea solution.

This all makes the machine will be a better solution as a standard/traditional installation for producing urea solution. 

Our unit can be used for creating localized supply, for users with smaller consumption of urea solution, saving on operational costs for urea solution. As it will be suitable for localized supply for smaller consumption where traditional technology is not an option, it will create savings on operational costs, using urea solution. 

That by itself creates a shift towards urea solution, making it more competitive compared to ammonia in many situations of smaller consumption, also because ammonia cannot be produced locally. With reducing the costs of the urea solution up to 50%, urea can be more desirable than ammonia by getting closer to the ammonia pricing, resulting in a situation where the safety arguments become the closing arguments to choose urea solution as the reactive agent, instead of ammonia.


There are two models with different blending capacities:

  • BS750IL is the base model which has an output of 2.400 gallon per hour 32.5% urea solution. For 40% urea solution, the output capacity is 1.930 gallon per hour
  • BS3000IL is our largest system with an output of 4.800 gallon per hour 32.5% urea solution. For 40% urea solution, the output capacity is 3.860 gallon per hour

The product, once produced, will go directly into the storage tanks. The customer will take the product from the storage tanks, as needed.

For industrial consumption, very often, the product required for 1 or 2 weeks of operation can be produced in 1 or 2 days (1-2 shifts).



As services we can offer:

  • A savings study - for free.  This will indicate you the potential savings and business potential.
  • Urea:  we have experience, using multiple sources
  • Finance: we work with partners giving the possibility to offer a financial solution to our customers, depending on conditions and the country
  • Operational services: operational services can be provided in certain counties, where we run the machine for you and keep your tanks filled.

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