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Lubrication Enhancement

ADK GreenTech offers lubrication products to improve the performance and reliability of your equipment ... hydraulic systems, pumps, engines, bearings, gear boxes, etc., ... with quality BioBased products from AmberTech and WearGone, friction, heat and wear are reduced, delivering extended component life and reduced operations & maintenance costs.  All of this while reducing the use of petroleum based fuels and lubricants.

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Cleaning & Remediation

ADK GreenTech offers high performance cleaning, from a pH neutral, safe & powerful cleaner from EnviroClean Solutions.  ECS-770 Cleaner - Degreaser Concentrate is powerful, yet safe for your assets, your people & the environment.  HTP Oil Encapsulator, from American Products, is an organic compound that absorbs 10X what clay absorbents do, and is microbial, digesting the hydrocarbons, leaving you with a BTU rich bio-mass, ready for easy disposal.

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Expert Oil Analysis

Unscheduled downtime is a major cost factor for industrial and transport enterprises. Oil analysis provides the condition of your equipment and allows you planning proper maintenance before it breaks .... ADK GreenTech brings the latest in oil analysis technology from Tribologik

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Enviropeel Corrosion Protection

Enviropeel‘s unique sprayable anti-corrosion system can be used in a wide range of problem areas: galvanic, pitting & crevice corrosion; bolt protection; conveyor bearing protection; water ingress on GIS systems and all forms of corrosion associated with wet, humid and salt-laden atmospheres.

The system uses a heating and pumping unit to melt and spray a high performance polymer which encapsulates the target substrate to provide a corrosion-inhibiting shield that guarantees an end to corrosion...

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AutoFill Fluid Dispensing

AutoFill has created the first patent-pending solution for the common problem of over-filling buckets, tanks and many other applications where any type of fluid is required to to be filled to a certain level. All their units shut off automatically. 

AutoFill products are easy to use. Just set the desired amount and press the start button. Once the desired amount of fluid is dispensed, the unit conveniently shuts off. It's that easy!!

Never Spill With AutoFill

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Valve Automation

Max-Air Technology is the worldwide leader in automation technology and process control products; we design automation technologies that provide competitive advantages. For over 15 years, we have engineered improvements and added flexibility and interchangeability features to our products to provide customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, power, oil and gas, wastewater, and damper industries with advanced automation solutions...

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Heat Exchanger Services

Ultrasonic cleaning is the best non-invasive method for cleaning your heat exchangers and it is performed using the latest technology available. Our approach is a little different than our competitors because we keep you, your business, and your equipment in mind during the entire cleaning process. We don't use water blasters, harsh chemicals, or other dangerous cleaning equipment because we know that your exchangers need special care to maintain their proper functions...

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Solar Powered Ventilation

SunRise Solar is the inventor of the solar powered attic fan. SRS fans are Made in the USA. Our solar attic fan was designed as a direct result of real-world feedback and come in variety of configurations, sizes, shapes and power ratings to fit your solar roof fan needs. If you have been looking at traditional roof vents or ventilation fans, CLICK HERE to see how our solar ventilation fans can save you money. Our solar roof vent fans can be installed on any roof type and with the pitch facing virtually any direction.

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