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Exceptional Green Technologies

ADK GreenTech is a US Based distributor/manufacturer’s representative of technologies which are green by design, or have attributes that enable their users to reduce their “carbon footprint”. ADK has partnered with select domestic and global vendors in the energy efficiency and plant performance fields, allowing us to offer high performance technologies targeted toward US power generation and pulp & paper industries. These technologies enable greater efficiency for power and recovery boilers, helping them become more profitable and environmentally sound.

Combustion Quality

In power boilers, especially those utilizing solid fuel, the quality of combustion is the absolute most important key to the boiler’s operation. Quality of combustion affects output … emissions … efficiency … availability … O&M costs … fuel costs … Combustion quality affects your company’s bottom line.
Improved combustion is a straight line to improving boiler profitability. Improved combustion without raising temperatures lowers thermal NOx. Improved combustion without increasing oxygen in the boiler reduces SO2. Improved combustion reduces sedimentation.


 Boiler Efficiency & Availability • Emission Reductions

To get the most out of your power or recovery boiler, check out the products listed below 

Solid Fuel Combustion Catalyst

Sootaway is a combustion catalyst, developed to ultimately achieve complete combustion, for solid fuel. Employing a proprietary active Manganese-Complex formula, the catalyst works on all types of solid fuels, such as Coal, Biomass and Waste, acting as an oxygen scavenger, attracting all available oxygen, at an atomic level, to the surface of the fuel, improving combustion and reducing oxygen levels in the boiler. At the same time, the ignition temperature is reduced. 

Inline Acoustic Cleaning

Our Infrafone cleaners (low frequency acoustic cleaning) improves the profitability of boilers. This has been achieved thru more efficient soot cleaning in e.g. economizers, air-preheaters and catalysts (SCR’s), with a general payback time of about 6 to 24 months. Traditional soot cleaning technologies such as steam sootblowing, shot cleaning, sonic cleaning (high frequency) and manual cleaning are generally heavily reduced or eliminated in these applications.

Optimized Steam Sootblowing

The patented HISS technology, originally developed by the company SootTech, transforms your existing steam sootblowing system into an effective tool that handles clogging and increases the efficiency of your power and recovery boilers.

• Halve your steam consumption
• Increase you production of electricity
• Double your sootblowing power
• Improve your boiler efficiency


Within both the federal government and the private sector, there is a growing need for environmentally safe and cost-effective solutions capable of removing paint and coatings from a wide range of surfaces including steel, aluminum, concrete and composites. PlasmaBlast™ is the next generation of coating removal and surface preparation technology that represents a significant step forward in developing environmentally responsible methods for coating removal.


“A better clean from a better process. ” Ultrasonic cleaning is the best method for giving your equipment a thorough, safe, and effective deep clean. The process is simple, affordable, and safe for your heat exchangers! At Jumpy Man’s Industrial Cleaning, we respond to our clients’ needs in a professional, efficient, and timely manner – all while keeping your equipment safe during the entire cleaning process! We provide modern ultrasonic cleaning technology for power plants, refineries, steel mills, and other service industries by removing tar, grease, and other contaminants using this thorough and gentle system.


On-site 32.5% solution urea production up to 4,800 gallons per hour, inside your facility. Once the site specific unit is delivered and installed, it works like a “Mr. Coffee”. For the power producer, SCR Solutions is focused on making SCR technology more efficient, by creating savings in operating SCR technology.  SCR Solutions delivers technology, knowledge and raw materials to produce the reactive agent for SCR and SNCR and to reduce your costs in operating your SCR and SNCR.


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