How About Owning Your Clean Air Starting Now?

Sootaway Solid Fuel Combustion Catalyst helps coal fired power plants burn coal cleaner ... meaning less smog, haze and a cleaner environment ... how about owning a part of this clean technology?

US COAL FACTS: According to the US Energy Information Administration's Short Term Energy Outlook, US power generating companies will consume approximately 497MM tons of coal to provide reliable 24/7 energy to US businesses, municipalities and homes in 2022, with a slight reduction to 484MM for 2023. The EIA also predicts a 28% reduction in the number of plants burning coal by 2035.

What does this mean about coal? In short, it means coal is going to be a continued source for US power generation for at least the next decade, or two, even as the number of plants burning coal is reduced. 

What does this mean for technology owners? You will earn quarterly rewards for every ton of coal that we treat with Sootaway, at plants located in the US. 

  • Be Part of Making Coal Cleaner
  • Be Proactive in Making Positive Environmental Change
  • Help Maintain Jobs in the US Power Generation & Associated Industries
  • Help Ensure24/7, Affordable, Reliable, Resilient Coal Powered Energy
  • Earn Crypto Rewards as a Benefit of Ownership
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