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AmberTech MSM Technology

AmberTech M99 is a USDA Certified 99% BioBased formulation developed to exhibit our revolutionary friction reducing technology, Molecular Surface Modification (MSM).   The MSM technology alters the metal at the molecular level creating a wider, slicker and smoother surface.  This new surface holds the lubrication in place regardless of operating factors, minimizing friction, lowering operating temperatures, reducing lubricant demand, and extending equipment life. M99 can be utilized as an additive to significantly enhance oil, hydraulic fluid, grease, and other lubricants to reduce friction, resist corrosion, and improve oxidation stability in extreme pressure and high temperature applications. AmberTech MSM Grease and AmberTech Penetrating Spray Lubricant (PSL) are infused with M99 empowering them with the superior MSM performance.


Biodiversity is a primary core value in which AmberTech was established.  We at AmberTech believe that we all have a moral and professional obligation to actively participate in the preservation and restoration of the earth and it’s inhabitants.  Together we can literally change the course of history.  Utilizing AmberTech MSM technology will significantly contribute to the reduction of our Carbon Footprint.  AmberTech MSM products are composed of natural and renewable resources providing the solution for a Sustainable Future.

AmberTech Product Lineup

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Ambertech M99 Concentrate

AmberTech M99 is a high value performance ratio, fire-resistant, extreme pressure ester based lubricant that can be used as an additive to drastically enhance oil, hydraulic fluid, stamping fluid, grease, and other lubrication products. M99 significantly increases the ability of other lubricants to reduce friction, resist corrosion, and improve oxidation stability in extreme pressure and high temperature applications.

AmberTechPSL 16 oz Bottle (002)

Ambertech PSL

AmberTech PSL is a mixture of bio-derived components infused with our proprietary formula AmberTech M99, empowering it with superior performance.  AmberTech PSL Lubricates, Cleans, Conditions, and Protects the metal surface. This extraordinary spray lubricant is ideal for external mechanical systems and all metal surfaces that require a lubricant, cleaner, degreaser, or surface protectant.


Ambertech Grease

AmberTech MSM Grease is a high performance, extreme pressure grease that exhibits outstanding film strength and resistance in the most corrosive environments.  It has been validated to reduce greasing intervals up to 90% and proven to significantly reduce temperatures at Fortune 500 companies.


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